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Frequently asked questions

How much does your solution cost?

We offer bespoke implementations with various modules and functionalities, tailored to each builders needs. Our goal is to provide maximum value at the best possible price. Reach out for a consultation, and let’s craft a solution that fits your vision and budget.

How accurate is your application?

Our application delivers excellent accuracy based on the methods used:


Lot Accuracy: 100% when using a plan of subdivision for measurements. For tracing, accuracy depends on the map quality and the precision of your trace, typically resulting in ‘degree’ accuracy.

Floorplan Accuracy: You can expect 100% accuracy as each plan undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure the highest level of precision.

Can I have my branding on the app?

Absolutely! We understand the importance of maintaining brand identity, so we offer customised options to incorporate your branding within the app. During our consultation, we’ll discuss your specific branding requirements to ensure a seamless integration that reflects your unique business identity.

Do you have data layers and high res imagery?

Yes, we do! Depending on your location, we offer data layers such as contours, bushfire, and water network layers. Additionally, if you have high-res imagery like Nearmap, we can seamlessly integrate it into our application for a more comprehensive and detailed view.


Do you offer training and support?

We provide complementary onboarding training for all users to ensure a smooth start. Our unparalleled 24/7 support boasts an average resolution time of under 30 minutes for the past 8 years, as we understand that time is money! Plus, all our products have integrated guided tours to assist you every step of the way.


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