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Presite offers a comprehensive toolbox of features to help take your site plans to the next level.

Features Floorplan

Site a floorplan in just a few clicks

01 Create lot boundaries

Curved or straight boundaries, we can handle them all. Simply enter the boundary line data and our tool will draw the lot for you, or you can easily upload an existing subplan to trace.

02 Add lot details

Easily add easements of any shape and size, crossovers, and lot envelope lines to your site in a few simple clicks..

03 Select a floorplan

Browse through any floorplan in your company’s catalogue, and select your preferred facade and orientation options.

04 Customize site plan details

Modify your floorplan with custom extensions, additions, or reductions, or add other features such as trees and structures to the site.

05 Annotate site plan

Add the final touches to your site plan by adding annotations like measurement lines, private open space, and street names.

Do more with Presite


Site calculations

Calculate cut and fill, and retaining wall requirements – existing or proposed.
All our algorithms are customisable specific to your business rules, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.


Site cost analysis

Take your site calculations to another level and provide a summarised costing report. This streamlines estimating processes and allows accurate costings to be provided to your clients within minutes.


Engineering overlays

Go beyond simple. Export your siting with detailed engineering overlays for a more detailed output.


Integrated mapping and data

Expand the siting experience by integrating data from other software tools like NearMap, or adding site-specific contour and fire data.


Site quickly, site easily

We help sales teams spend less time creating site plans, and more time on the work they do best.


Accurate and personalized

Improve client engagement with accurate, high quality site plans, personalized to your company branding.


Any lot, floorplan, or facade

We help sales teams spend less time creating site plans, and more time on the work they do best.

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